What is impact and drop testing?

Drop testing and impact testing are used to assess the fragility of a packaged product and simulate the shocks packaging or palletized product may encounter during manual or mechanical handling. The product is subjected to repeatable impacts similar to those they will experience in the distribution environment or from an end user.

Why do drop testing or impact testing?

  • To assist in design validation
  • To assess the design by measuring and defining the impact tolerant of the products
  • To replicate the rigors that might occur during distribution, installation or while in use
  • To identify any modes of failure and or quantify failure levels
  • To assess the ability of the packaging to protect the product by understanding the capability of the cushioning materials being used


Drop and impact testing allows you to:

  • Simulate real-world impacts on the finished components or products
  • Collect detailed technical information about how products perform under impact
  • Benchmark products, allowing manufacturers to quickly ascertain whether a new product meets its specification or the requirements of international standards

Our processes and tests are governed by our ISO 17025 accreditation.

Packaging drop testing

When drop testing, the packaging when placed in STERIS Lansmont drop test equipment must be able to withstand free fall and sudden impact from varying heights and at different angles of impact.

The drop test is repeated and is designed to expose faults in the package or pallet, identifying packaging failures and helping avoid future functional failures and cosmetic damage to the product. If a package or pallet can be lifted it can also be dropped.

STERIS has many years’ experience with package testing. Drop testing as part of IEC / EN /ISO procedures, ASTM D4169, ASTM D7386 or ISTA 2A can be performed to the following international standards:

Product drop testing

Two tests which are commonly used for product testing:

  • Freefall drop test based on ‘EN60068-2-31, Free Fall Procedure 1’. This normally involves dropping the unit in various orientations from heights based on the product weight.
  • Impact test based on ‘EN60068-2-75 / IEC62262’. This involves the use of a steel striking element dropped vertically or by pendulum motion onto the unit.

Both of these tests can be performed to predetermined levels as per the standard. Often Customers extend this to test to failure so that this can be quantified for specification purposes.

Steel element as described above:

Steel striking Element

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